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The global BPO market is worth over $33 billion dollars

The prominent sectors within the industry include IT, energy, travel & transport, telecommunications, retail, media, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Philippines is one of the top digital nations

They are the undisputed global partners service and BPM leaders. In addition, Philippines is one of the largest English speaking nations, with a 95% literacy rate.

85% of progressive IT companies outsource a number of business operations

Outsourcing to Philippines allows you to delegate tasks to a remote team and can include basically any job that doesn’t require a physical presence in your local office.

We’ve taken an innovative approach to business process outsourcing (BPO) by developing solutions that are designed to coincide with your business and its unique needs. Our team of industry experts offer a tailored offshore solution that will cut costs for you and allow you to focus on core business activities. Free up time, space and energy locally to achieve your greatest results to date. Why stop there? BPO is for companies that are driven by results, hungry for consistent growth and destined for greatness.

This can all be maintained while cuttings costs and without exhausting local resources. What’s the difference with Integrated Office Solutions? We work to understand your brand culture, your short and long term goals and the results you hope to achieve through business outsourcing. It’s simple, strategic and successful when working within a network of trusted partnerships.


We pride ourselves on producing outstanding results and constant growth for our trusted partners. Our partners are happy with their decision to utilise BPO services and impressed by the quality of work provided by their remote employees in the Philippines.

Outsourcing services

At Integrated Office Solutions, we offer a modern approach to outsourcing that allows your business to grow in a smart and forward-thinking way. We coordinate contracting operations to a third-party team in the Philippines. We maintain constant communication and engagement, and ensure your business goals and objectives are always the key focus.

You do not need to be a major corporation to benefit from BPO services. Smaller sized businesses can achieve outstanding results by working with a remote team of professionals, formed with educated individuals who are perfectly suited to your business culture.

Our team-building service allows you to conduct outsourcing work in a variety of areas including digital, administration and accounting services, research, data entry and reporting. The team of carefully selected remote employees will operate as a direct extension of your business under your control. The team at Integrated Office Solutions simply coordinate and customise your dedicated professional team in the Philippines. We take care of the foreign complexities, legislations and business laws, to allow your company to reap the rewards of this game changing concept.


An offshore extension of your business, without the overheads.

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Our Leadership Team

The Integrated Office Solutions leadership team is comprised of passionate individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business outsourcing industry. Operating across a range of areas, each member of our team brings exclusive skills and diversity to ensure strong, structured and seamless outsourcing services. We use our tailored outsourcing skills and professional backgrounds to build teams that will contribute to the overall success of your business.

Margaux Monteiro-Escudero

General Manager

Margaux began her career working for a US financial institution and has found her passion in training, developing and inducting people. operations as your...

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Grace Monteiro

Country Manager

Grace began her career as a marketing manager. After 17 years, she decided it was time for a change and moved into the IT industry.

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Rodney Frost

Group CEO

Rodney started in The Lamson Group during school holidays in 1990 making boxes for printers. His passion for helping our channel partners diversify and grow...

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An Offshore extension of your business, without the overheads

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