Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. From IT Services, Desktop Support, Application Development and many more, companies are moving towards outsourcing jobs in order to improve their bottom line. There are many reasons for outsourcing, primarily the fact that it is a great way to expand your business without too many overhead costs.

Integrated OS are experts in helping businesses of all industries and sizes set up bespoke offshore teams. Today, they share the main benefits of outsourcing:


Reduce labour costs


A primary benefit of outsourcing is lower labour costs. Whereas traditional hiring methods require competitive compensation and benefits packages, outsourcing allows you to pay a much lower rate and often does not require you to include benefits. Hence, it allows for significant reductions in costs.


Pre-trained, experienced, qualified staff members


One of the reasons for outsourcing is that a task requires a specific skilled expertise. Offshoring said task to experienced, qualified and pre-trained individuals is a logical way to approach the situation. The Philippines offers over one million people with a degree in something that are looking for a role. This is vital in a time where talent acquisition can be difficult in your country. COVID-19 has also shown us that teams can work from home or from anywhere in the World.


Choose your own team members


Outsourcing allows you to choose the people you feel are most qualified for the job. Benefits of outsourcing include being able to recruit, interview and hire the applicant you want.

Integrated OS team - Outsourcing Solutions Philippines for Australian Businesses

Increase efficiency


When you outsource with a service like Integrated OS, they bring years of expertise to the table. Consequently, they offer an increase in efficiency and productivity, helping you save time and money in the long run.


No internal team to manage


With no internal team to manage and professionals on your side, you can stay focused on what matters, growing your business.


Reduced business risk


Benefits of outsourcing include lower costs in general. With lower overheads, no need for a large office and less expenses, outsourcing is a great way to reduce the risk associated with owning a business.


Countless skills and practices available


With the advent of technology tasks you can outsource have expanded exponentially. There are many benefits of IT outsourcing, and it occurs across a variety of roles including IT Support, Customer Service and Programming.


Leverage advantageous exchange rates


When outsourcing, exchange rates can work to your advantage. Potential pros of outsourcing include being able to leverage advantageous exchange rates to improve your bottom line.


Work to any schedule


When talking about the benefits of outsourcing, you can’t forget about time zone advantages. You are able to work to any schedule, going to bed one night and waking up to having your task completed in the morning. If properly scheduled, you can even work 24/7!

Leverage the knowledge of an Australian-owned company working in the Philippines


You can reap the benefits of partnering with an organisation that was founded from a platform of setting up their own dedicated team. A lot of lessons were learnt and experience gained which separates Integrated OS apart from anyone else. This experience is invaluable to ensure you succeed with your transition, whether you are new to the model or if you have tried before and failed.


Get the competitive edge


Major reasons for outsourcing include lower overheads and more efficiency. Costs are lower and work can consistently be completed, meaning more money to fuel your business.


Staff retention


A surprising pro of outsourcing is that companies that work with offshore partners often are able to grow and retain their internal IT departments. There is growing evidence that with the right partner IT managers can keep their employees happy and productive.

Enough benefits? Want more? Get in touch with us to discuss how a bespoke created, offshore team could help take your business to new levels, without the crippling overheads.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

Integrated OS are experts in helping businesses of all industries and sizes set up bespoke offshore teams. Today, they share the main benefits of outsourcing.

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