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The business world today is not only increasingly digital but also increasingly global, with many businesses choosing to outsource their services to reap the benefits. In fact, official reports estimate the global Business Process Outsourcing market will be worth $220 billion by 2020. At the same time, everyone knows that an efficient and aesthetic website is critical to attracting customers and driving sales.

Hiring a professional in the West to create your site can be expensive. On the contrary, outsourcing website development to the Philippines is a great way to get a professional website for less. Both start-ups and larger companies can benefit from outsourcing website development.


With all the expertise required to help you with outsourcing website development to the Philippines, we at Integrated Office Solutions are experts at website development BPO. Setting up a web development team yourself can be a lengthy and tiring process. If it’s your first time offshoring website development you will also have many questions like ‘How can I make sure I can trust who I hire?’, ‘How much should I pay?’ and ‘Will they do a good job?’.

To alleviate your fears, our experienced team at Integrated Office Solutions take care of everything. From finding you the perfect candidates, arranging interviews and inducting new employees, we will make sure your experience outsourcing website development goes smoothly.

Why Outsource?

Hiring web developers is often costly, with salaries making up a significant expense. By outsourcing website development to the Philippines, you can cut costs by as much as 70%. In this way, outsourcing website development with Integrated Office Solutions is a smart choice for businesses of any size looking to improve their bottom line and streamline processes.

Additionally, there are many other advantages to website development BPO. These include but are not limited to:

Access to Professionals

Your website is an extension of your brand, so when outsourcing website development, it is important to find a professional that suits your needs. Depending on your business, you may be looking for a particular style. Integrated Office Solutions gives you access to world-class talent, allowing you to connect with top professionals abroad. Outsourcing web development to the Philippines will enable you to find the right fit for your team and make sure you get a website that’s really yours.

Reduced Business Risk

Outsourcing web development minimises business risks by reducing overheads, labour costs and other expenses.

Improved Business Performance

As a business, having a good website is invaluable. Not only will a regularly updated and user-friendly website help you attract new customers and improve sales, but it is also a great and inexpensive marketing avenue. By outsourcing website development to the Philippines, you can get more for less!

With a highly educated population, cheap labour and world-class professionals, the Philippines is one of the best countries in the world to outsource web development to. What's more, the outsourcing sector in the Philippines is only expected to grow. To make sure you don't get left behind, contact us today and find out how Integrated Office Solutions can help you focus on what matters.

Integrated Office Solutions have the experience and the track record to help you find your ideal team members to help you and your business scale.

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Why build your own offshore team?

Increase productivity

Your offshore team operates in the time zone you prefer, allowing you to extend business hours and meet shorter turnaround times.

Focus on your core competency

It’s easy to get caught up with the daily, low value tasks; allow your onshore team to focus on their core skills and high value tasks like sales!

Reduced costs

Maximise the Philippines’ lower labor costs while legally reducing tax allowing you to scale your business.


Why partner with Integrated Office Solutions Inc.?

Proven track record

We have been operating since 2008 and we have been growing since, so we know what it’s like.

Our values

We’re family oriented and really take care of our team. Our low attrition rate says it all.

Boutique and personalized management

Our directors came from varying industries, so we bring a wealth of experience to help you every step of the way. We don’t do blanket approaches because we know each company has different needs.



We pride ourselves on producing outstanding results and constant growth for our trusted partners. Our partners are happy with their decision to utilise BPO services and impressed by the quality of work provided by their remote employees in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

My team member is sick or has an emergency and can’t report to work.

We require your team members to notify his/her line manager if they will not be able to report to work or will be late. In the event that they are unable to notify their line manager, they can reach out to us so we can notify you accordingly.

My team member would like to take time off, who approves this?

You or your team member’s direct line manager should approve their leave. Your team member would then have to notify the Integrated Office Solutions team of the dates they would be on leave for accurate pay.

My team member lost a family member, how is this handled?

Integrated Office Solutions is compliant to government regulations. If your team member experiences the loss of an immediate family member (including spouse’s, if married), they are given 3 days per year as Bereavement Leave to allow them to be with family.

How many leave credits does my team member have?

We believe and promote work life balance – your team member has 20 leave credits a year (prorated from their start date) that they can either use for holidays or sick leave.


My team member is pregnant or is due to deliver a baby soon and can’t report to work.

Integrated Office Solutions is compliant with government regulations and grants maternity leaves to all pregnant female members to enable her to recover from childbirth and/or to have time to nurse her newly born child. We require your team members to notify us as soon as pregnancy is confirmed so we can provide necessary documents for the benefit and to notify you, so you are able to plan ahead. 105 days of maternity leave will be granted to a qualified female member for live childbirth regardless the mode of delivery and frequency. The law also grants qualified female member the option to extend for an additional 30 days without pay. An additional 15 days paid leave is also granted if the female member qualifies as a solo parent.

Who will be responsible for the payment of the team member which is under maternity leave?

Your female team member shall receive full pay which consist of SSS maternity benefits computed based on their average daily salary credit and the salary differential to be paid by the employer, if any.

My male team member's partner will soon deliver a baby and would like to take a leave.

Your male team member is entitled to 7 days paternity leave in the event of his partner's childbirth to enable him to lend support to his partner during the period of recovery and/or nursing of his newly-born child. Your male team member is entitled to 7 days paternity leave in the event of his partner's childbirth to enable him to lend support to his partner during the period of recovery and/or nursing of his newly-born child.

Who will be responsible for the payment of the team member which is under paternity leave?

This will be shouldered by the employer.


How is performance managed and pay appraisals happen?

Your team member’s direct line manager should track performance. We will supplement it by sending you a document containing observable behaviours like attendance, punctuality, work ethic, etc. Pay appraisals happen once a year, ideally during their anniversary month but it can be aligned to your performance cycle. Just let us know what your cycle is and we’ll work around it.

I want to give my team member a pay increase, how should I go about it?

Let us know by how much and the date that it is effective from. Should you need to know what the prevailing market value is, let us know so we can help you.


It’s a public holiday in the country in which my team member reports, our organisation is closed for business today, what happens to my team member?

This is entirely up to you. They can report to work or take the day off. If you decide to have them take the day off, it will be deducted from their leave entitlement.

It is a Filipino public holiday and our domestic team has to report to work, what happens to my team member?

This is entirely up to you. If your team member reports to work, they would be entitled to holiday premium pay. How we handle leave for each placement is communicated when we advertise for each role. Each role may have a separate requirement. For example, a support or service team member may handle duties that require alignment to your local holidays required compared to IT developers who are project based and do not need to.


Our company is restructuring and we don’t have enough work to send our offshore team member. How do we go about this?

You have the option of separating with your team member due to redundancy. This, however involves additional cost. The team member will be entitled to a month’s salary for every year of service and a fraction of six (6) months is considered a year. Your team member needs to be notified at least 30 days before their last day of work.