How Outsourcing Works

How Outsourcing Works,

Outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring a party outside a company to do a task traditionally done by people internal to the company. It is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, with services such as technical support, desktop support, application development and programming being commonly outsourced. In 2025, the worldwide outsourcing industry is estimated to be worth over 343 billion USD, a figure not to be taken lightly. There are many reasons why companies might outsource, including lower overhead and labour costs, access to skilled labour, competitive advantage and increased efficiency.


Perhaps all this has left you wondering how to outsource jobs or setup a dedicated team for your business. Indeed, outsourcing might seem hard to manage at first. However, Integrated OS are the experts in helping businesses of all sizes and industries set up bespoke offshore teams. They take care of everything for you and help create an overseas team custom made for your business, allowing you to streamline your company massively.


The founders of Integrated OS are very much actively involved in the business and day to day operation. Best of all, they have built their teams before commencing this business. They will be there to alleviate any worries you may have in taking the first step and guide you through each step of the way to building your bespoke team. You only have to chat with the Integrated OS team once to realise you’re in good hands.


How outsourcing works with Integrated OS


This step by step guide explains the simple and easy process of how to outsource with Integrated OS. With years of experience and expertise, Integrated OS creates the best team for you and your business.


1. You tell us what position needs filling: you supply us with a job description for the position you would like to outsource.


2. Integrated OS finds applicants for you and sends through the most suitable: candidates will be screened, interviewed and matched to find individuals that fit your mission.


3. You assess potential applicants and let us know who you would like to speak with: candidates that have matched with you will be put forward with crucial information so you can make the best decision for your business.


4. We arrange calls and interviews: you can interview each applicant personally, ask your questions and make your assessments.


5. You decide who you’d like on your team: once you have selected successful applicants, paperwork will be finalised, and they will be inducted into your company.


6. Hire as many or as few team members as you need: growing your business is easy with Integrated OS, hire as many or as few individuals as is ideal for your needs.


7. Increase your efficiency: you get access to hand-picked, qualified and experienced applicants plus low overhead costs!


8. Focus on your business: with Integrated OS, you don’t need to worry about managing an internal team, allowing you to focus on your core business while your team completes the work, managed and coordinated by Integrated OS.


Now that you know how outsourcing works, hopefully, the process doesn’t seem as daunting. With Integrated OS, you know you are always supported without losing any autonomy or compromising on quality. Outsourcing work to a hand-picked customised team allows you to focus on what matters, growing your business, and you can sleep easy knowing work is being completed to the highest of standards.


If you would like to be part of an increasing number of businesses reaping the benefits of lower costs, increased efficiency and pre-trained, experienced and qualified team members contact Integrated OS today.

How Outsourcing Works

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