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Integrated Office Solutions offers a team of highly skilled specialists chosen to provide flexibility and reduce labour-related risks. Your team operates in your time zone 24-hours a day.

How much do I spend?

Typically that we find our partners in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand typically spend anywhere from 60% to 90% less per person including all costs. The gap here is driven by the skill set that is required and we will discuss this prior to a proposal.

85 per cent of progressive IT companies outsource some of their operations. Why aren't you? Let Integrated Office Solutions build your team today in the Philippines.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • 1 How much time does my company spend on tasks that create cost rather than generate revenue?
  • 2 Can I reduce current costs by adopting a more geographically-flexible approach to such tasks?
  • 3 What if my competitors are thinking globally and I'm not?

Job Description is supplied by you or your Client.


Integrated Office Solutions will search, screen, interview and match candidates that perfectly fit the role and culture.


Endorsed Candidates will be put forward with resumes, key questions answered and a transparent monthly rate.


Your Recruitment Process

Interviews and questions will be conducted over Skype or in person between you and the candidate


Once your team member is selected, paperwork will be finalised and they will be inducted into your business. At this stage you can tailor your own incentives.


Monitoring of your team will occur regularly during employment with any support provided.


Team members are then applied to Integrated Office Solutions’ team management system. From here accurate daily logs of hours and copies will be delivered via email at a frequency specified by you daily, weekly or fortnightly.


An offshore extension of your business, without the overheads.

Outsourcing services

At Integrated Office Solutions, we offer a modern approach to outsourcing that allows your business to grow in a smart and forward-thinking way. We coordinate contracting operations to a third-party team in the Philippines. We maintain constant communication and engagement, and ensure your business goals and objectives are always the key focus.

You do not need to be a major corporation to benefit from BPO services. Smaller sized businesses can achieve outstanding results by working with a remote team of professionals, formed with educated individuals who are perfectly suited to your business culture.

Our team-building service allows you to conduct outsourcing work in a variety of areas including digital, administration and accounting services, research, data entry and reporting. The team of carefully selected remote employees will operate as a direct extension of your business under your control. The team at Integrated Office Solutions simply coordinate and customise your dedicated professional team in the Philippines. We take care of the foreign complexities, legislations and business laws, to allow your company to reap the rewards of this game changing concept.



Reduce Operational costs by at least 50 percent

Less financial investment is required than employing local teams.

Increased Efficiency

Your specialist offshore team delivers quality on time at reduced cost.

Optimise local resources

Employing a dedicated offshore team will enable your local team to focus on core activities, the key to business growth.

Boost specialised knowledge

Access to a pool of talented specialists in the Philippines increases efficiency.

Rapid development

A business model based on scalable architecture enables you to quickly expand with a lower cost base.

Full control without capitalisation or risk

An offshore team eliminates HR and OH&S overheads.

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